Tempered are the many

My ‘opinions’ regarding spiritual religions are leveraged upon the baseline scriptures of the KJVB. Such ‘stories’ regarding the old-times within our histories of religious understandings are indeed plagued and remitted around many controversial imaginings’ garnishments that are hindrances yet for good civil & moral reasoning. Within the Old Testament, God beset among a handful of Judaists, 10 commandments for the old aged Judaic masses to adhere to.

We who are today’s Gentiles have our percentage faithful who aspire toward understandings of Judaism’s scriptures. As a Gentile myself, I view my relationships with a spiritualized God being a tempered individualized philosophy. To my lifelong baron views, religion should be an individual aspiration first and a socialized religious demeanor secondly.

Upon my one hand, I do so Love God’s worthwhile natures but on my other hand, I detest God’s past desires toward him interfering with our humanism’s long ago past ways. Our futures are lain within the passages of passing away timeliness endeavors. Is God truly in charge of our global continuations countrified assemblages or are all of God’s generational kinsmen the one’s being held responsible? July 12, 2013 at 11:49 am

We “freedom lovers” will never outlast the economical jugular which veins thru the socialistic rhetoric of “seminarians” whose faiths will become as discombobulating issues whereupon the served will be the servile conditionings. It’s a dying shame really that religions seem to flourish no matter what the circumstances. Shameful should religions be and all their emotional transparencies that disenfranchise the establishments of secularism and cultured barbarism around “pagan” peasantries. I cry out but whose ear will hear and whose eye will cry? July 12, 2013 at 3:11 pm

Many nations/countries have left behind their lordships and kingly escapades for but a Caesarian Roman/Greek manifesto governance of sorts. Today’s still yet primitive cultures within third world countries are fomenting with their trials and errors in wanting for conditional governing bodies servitudes. One could muster up and say that the USA is a fluke of nature being as a nation with many freedoms and civil and moral demeanors. Am I glad to be a proud US citizen? You are damn right I am proud to have been born within a land that belches and burps freedoms! July 12, 2013 at 5:08 pm

As our hampered socialistic world becomes more and more as a disfigured stewardship of the emotionally transfigured iconoclasts in servile reciprocities while many emotive bases are in needs to be extravagantly covered. From the focal deliriums of youth-charged irrational configurations to the emotionally disfigured elders, many religious anthologies are as vespers of “serviently laired aptnesses” within many a social “deconfigurement” that may be viewed with cynical degrade-abilities leveraging that entails little common goodness of righteous wholesomeness.

Christianity has been seeking the emotional attributes of the particular variations while the RCC and its Papacy feed such emotionalisms and never speaks upon the issues of paternalistic deviations contritely contrary to main spread churches augments of the divine measuring. Why should anyone who knows full well that the “True Churches” are our physical embodiments; become a fundamental enumeration set apart to devotional beliefs that manmade churches are of God?

I would never put any faith let alone beliefs in any manmade church and their antebellum prognostic order that only tends the tenure and never receives the intelligence of mindfulness grazing the scriptures of revolutionary wisdom. The whole world is demonstrating yet no one is righteously taking notice. Nothing never is ever beneficial yet all things will ever become broken. God is not watching the masses anymore then God is being servile toward one’s selfishness ideals. July 14, 2013 at 2:00 pm

Many humanists still today have strange fascinations with princes and princesses and Kings and Queens. Our worldly systemic rationalisms are as brooding lemmings falling off the proverbial cliff’s edge. The papacy throws out wooden nickels which can be redeemed for a beer at your local tavern. I see no wisdom in this blog post,,, just an elongated ritual of premeditated conjuring to cast a spell of misinformation upon the infidel masses. July 14, 2013 at 2:43 pm

In the Beginning there was the Word and the Word was God and the Words were with God and of God and about God and God’s Sons.”

I believe in God of the Creations made celestially and the establishments of each and every evolved creations manifested upon the celestial domains… You need not believe…

I am satisfied beyond doubts that God’s first begotten son was with God from Celestial Creations beginning moments to the ending ways of evolved creations manifestations upon any earthen world capable to bring forth life and sustain life in the abundances… You need not be satisfied…

I cherish the wisdom and professed teachings of Christ Jesus despite our Christian inadequacies to render decisively upon others doubts… You need not cherish Christ’s wisdom…

For it is a matter of being proud that many prides of people endure their foolish miseries and infidel jealousies hell-bent against any and all of religiously endearing devotions. It is not our wills to be done but God’s will to become of our wills that many prideful people are forcibly against. Love is God’s conquering force over God’s people. You who despise and hate God’s chosen will He allow the unloving nurtured natures of the depraved prideful to remain… Without knowing of the bad things how can the right things become foreseen?

God’s loving kindness is enough to sustain me in my unbridled stamina… As I near my ending day, my loving wants to be with God and all God’s family members cannot be over-run or compromised by others salt ladled wounds… As I progressively near death’s gate, my love for Life weakens me and I am found understanding God’s mercies… Alone nowadays, my heart flutters with every beat as I become ever more humbled by mankind’s tribulations. They are worthy My Lord to continue onwards in their living abundances measuring…

I was born by parents who were in a way but Gentiles in that their philosophies on and about Life and religions were never handed down to me. Dad was a devoted drunkard and my mother did try her best to ease my petty views when I was growing up. I never attended any church meetings in my youth nor did my parents. I knew about God and Christ Jesus from other parents children I was friends with but paid religion a never-thought.

In my early adult life I was still not religious. Only as my trials and tribulations within my then unsteadied adulthood made me to consider there is a God and Christ Jesus is the begotten Son of God’s conception… To my bereaved desires, God and all of God’s sons are as real to me as the sun unwaveringly sets and rises up each and every day since our galaxy was long ago established… July 19, 2013 at 1:48 pm

A beggar’s needs are only fulfilled by the humbling sensations of those insecure and ladled with shames dire…

A believer’s needs are not found in triumphs but rather in their humbling devotional dispositions…

A disbeliever’s needs are the fruitions found upon those whom they adore and admire despite their mentoring propagandas made out to be unholy antagonisms of shameless guilt guises…

As all children need to be comforted, the elders need comforting as well and the dispositions of wellness are of social importance to be as an altering crossing guarded and maintained by humane civilities and soundness moralism… July 19, 2013 at 2:18 pm


The Alcoholic’s Letter to the World,,,,

Socially immoral are the civil perceptions revolving around the servitudes of bottled “alcoholic” beverages that wane of alcohol breweries instilling miseries upon the unsuspecting younglings of teenaged youths while the more elderly crowds having yet to partition themselves are ever belying their better reasoning skills.

While the imbibing elders may still not willingly want to disengage from their bottled spiritual habits except upon waking up with a hangover, yet even then their disengagement will be short lived. For the imbibers of breweries sweet nectars’ flavorings seems to make the grades more or less as appealing emotional notions for many a drinkers love potions leaving many to become alcohols’ slaves of spirited brews despite their social embarrassments from becoming way too drunk.

To drink but little thereof is of a high minded priority among civilized drinkers whose moral obligations far outstrip the bottles innately amorous undertones. Alcohol and its physically addicting pluralisms dare entices many potential “alcoholics” addictive musing bouts becoming the ensnarement of the unforeseen and unknowable “alcoholics” physical benediction needs for wants of continual bottle sipping.

Thus with an immoral yearning the drinker soon becomes a deplorable drunkard and others eyeing said drunkard’s ways while they drink to extremes will seldom offer their drunken social beneficiaries any useful tool for one’s augmentative cessation before the physical addiction takes hold. I know these issues very well because I was mentally addicted to alcohol while my brother is yet addicted but his addiction is not only mental but is also physical. July 14, 2013 at 12:50 am