The Alcoholic’s Letter to the World,,,,

Socially immoral are the civil perceptions revolving around the servitudes of bottled “alcoholic” beverages that wane of alcohol breweries instilling miseries upon the unsuspecting younglings of teenaged youths while the more elderly crowds having yet to partition themselves are ever belying their better reasoning skills.

While the imbibing elders may still not willingly want to disengage from their bottled spiritual habits except upon waking up with a hangover, yet even then their disengagement will be short lived. For the imbibers of breweries sweet nectars’ flavorings seems to make the grades more or less as appealing emotional notions for many a drinkers love potions leaving many to become alcohols’ slaves of spirited brews despite their social embarrassments from becoming way too drunk.

To drink but little thereof is of a high minded priority among civilized drinkers whose moral obligations far outstrip the bottles innately amorous undertones. Alcohol and its physically addicting pluralisms dare entices many potential “alcoholics” addictive musing bouts becoming the ensnarement of the unforeseen and unknowable “alcoholics” physical benediction needs for wants of continual bottle sipping.

Thus with an immoral yearning the drinker soon becomes a deplorable drunkard and others eyeing said drunkard’s ways while they drink to extremes will seldom offer their drunken social beneficiaries any useful tool for one’s augmentative cessation before the physical addiction takes hold. I know these issues very well because I was mentally addicted to alcohol while my brother is yet addicted but his addiction is not only mental but is also physical. July 14, 2013 at 12:50 am


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